MOOC on ‘Regulated Competition in Healthcare Systems: Theory & Practice’


ESHPM has launched a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) on ‘Regulated Competition in Healthcare Systems: Theory & Practice’. This free course is accessible all over the world for anyone with a connection to the internet! In this MOOC you will learn about the theory and practice of 'regulated competition' (also known as 'managed competition') in healthcare systems. Many countries have implemented or consider implementation of regulated competition in healthcare. Examples include Australia, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Ireland, Israel, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States.

After completing this MOOC, you will be able to explain how regulated competition (in theory) promotes affordability, accessibility and efficiency of healthcare. Moreover, you will be able to explain why (in practice) successful implementation of regulated competition is very complex and often requires difficult trade-offs between policy objectives. We think this MOOC is highly valuable to any student, researcher or professional interested in healthcare system reform and design. Specific topics in this MOOC include a typology of healthcare systems, the economics of healthcare markets, theory and preconditions of regulated competition, risk adjustment and risk selection in health insurance, competition policy and provider payment.

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