AI in Healthcare Policy and Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a huge impact on our lives as well as the way we experience and care for our health. Self-tracking enables us to keep up with our health achievements and to signal possible health threats. AI also affects our healthcare system as it impacts traditional ways of organizing and providing care, bringing in new actors (e.g. data scientists) and reconfiguring traditional notions of good care. In our research, we study how AI both governs and is governed by the health and social care system.

We explore the practices of doing AI in healthcare governance, observing and acting with key players in the field. We study research practices of making and applying AI, regulation, service delivery, clinical decision-making, professional development, and the experiences and practices of being a patient or client. We examine how AI affects notions of good care and patienthood, and how it impacts policymaking and regulation – but also the other way around; how ‘historical’ and vested institutionalized arrangements (e.g. laws, ethical arrangements) influence the use and hence possibilities of AI. Using social science theories and methods, and working in close collaboration with practitioners, regulators, professionals and citizens, we engage in the interactions between AI and society, looking for the social impact of AI in health care.

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