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42 filmed monologues give insight into the experiences of clients, professionals and next-of-kin with supported living and home care services. These video’s are based on ethnographic research. Playwright Erik-Ward Geerlings translated the quotes from interviews and fieldnotes into theatrical monologues. Actors of theatre group Babel Rotterdam perform these monologues under the lead of conductor Paul Röttger. These video’s are designed to trigger reflection on peoples own experiences with care.

During the ethnographic research it appeared there is quite some overlap between experiences of supported housing for people with serious mental illness and people with intellectual disability. These films are put together on a playlist relevant to both. The films about homecare services for older persons have their own playlist.

Experiences with supported living for people with serious mental illness or intellectual disabilities:

Experiences with home care services and assisted living for older persons:

Clients elderly care

Professionals elderly care

Next of kin elderly care

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