Indicators for measuring productivity gains

A primary objective of the BigMedilytics project is demonstrating that we can improve healthcare using Big Data. It is important for the European Union to get a clear picture of whether using Big Data technology will make healthcare more productive and cost-effective. Pilots were conducted in various European countries focusing on the following themes: chronic care, oncology, and logistics for people and resources.

ESHPM monitors whether these pilots will lead to results in four areas: patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, financial outcomes, and process-oriented improvements.

Using Big Data technology can have multiple effects:

  1. Big Data technologies can have an impact on both how patients experience and perceive healthcare, and on the results;
  2. Big Data technologies can change the activities performed when providing healthcare;
  3. Big Data technologies can change the effects of care on the condition of patients’ health;
  4. Big Data technologies can have financial implications stemming from changes in the process and the result. This multi-dimensionality must be reflected in the monitoring of the performance of the pilots.

To ensure this happens, our monitoring will be based on multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that have been tailored to the patient population, the intervention, and the objective of the individual pilots. During the project, KPIs will be measured on multiple occasions. Doing so will enable us to assess the situation of the pilot before the new Big Data intervention is implemented. Subsequent measurements will be made during and after the roll-out for comparative purposes.

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