Payment reform

Current facets (Pre-Master)

In many countries reform of prevailing payment systems for healthcare providers is high on the agenda. Policymakers and purchasers are increasingly looking for ways to create incentives for a more efficient delivery of healthcare services through the use of alternative payment approaches. In this respect the focus is not only on discouraging needless use of (expensive) care, but increasingly also on incentivizing improvements in the quality of care, including health outcomes. The department studies international experiences with innovative payment methods (e.g. pay-for-performance), including effects on quality, accessibility, and costs. In addition, the department focuses on providing insight in crucial conceptual and practical issues in the design and implementation of payment methods. For example, how to take into account systematic differences in providers’ patient populations (casemix)? How can unintended consequences be effectively prevented? And how to adequately measure and reward providers’ performance regarding quality of care and costs?

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