Management of Chronic Diseases

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Disease management programmes have been developed to stem the further increase in chronic diseases, prevent or as far as possible postpone complications and comorbidity and promote the patient’s quality of life and control over his or her personal health. There is some evidence to support the effectiveness of disease management, but many questions still remain. The Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw) has therefore developed a programme aimed at initiating local and regional experiments in disease management and promoting the application of knowledge and insights from successful projects in health care in practice. To determine which interventions are the most suitable for improving the quality of care, the ‘black box’ of disease management programmes must be opened. An assessment study that focuses on outcomes, processes, costs and their interrelationship is essential in this effort.

Project leader and secretary:

Assessment study

The goal of this study is to assess different disease management projects. By describing the projects using the same theoretical framework and a similar structure, process and outcome benchmarks, it is possible to make a solid comparison between different projects.

The leading research questions are:

  1. Is it possible to (further) develop a general framework and to apply it to the components of different disease management programmes and different patient populations?
  2. What are the effects of disease management interventions on the primary outcomes at the patient, professional and organisational level?
  3. Which interventions are actually carried out in the context of the ‘management of chronic diseases’ programme?
  4. What are the total costs (including the implementation costs and all derived care costs) that accompany the interventions and how are they funded and reimbursed?
  5. How do these costs relate to the effects described in question 2?
  6. What are crucial success and failure factors that impact the effectiveness of disease management interventions, and how is this knowledge spread to other settings?

In this study, these questions are answered by means of a ‘mixed methods’ design, i.e. a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods. The quantitative study employs, if possible, a cluster-randomised design to determine the effect of disease management programmes on care processes and outcomes. The clusters consist of care clinics, regions, hospitals, etc. Using questionnaires completed by patients, carers and professionals, data is collected on process, intermediary and outcome indicators. Where possible, existing databases are also used. The qualitative data is collected in order to produce a comprehensive description of both the interventions and the context in which the projects take place. A cost-effectiveness analysis will also be performed.



  • Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw)


  • Vilans
  • Picasso
  • 22 field projects
  • Education/research: Institute of Health Policy & Research (Erasmus University), Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences - Institute for Health, Erasmus MC


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