Our organisation

Board of Erasmus School of Law

The board of Erasmus School of Law is responsible for the overall policy of our faculty. In principle, the board is appointed for a period of four years. The current board members are Professor Suzan Stoter and Professor Fabian Amtenbrink.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is a decentralized employee participation body. It represents all employees and students of the faculty.

Education committees

Currently, three committees are involved in monitoring and improving the quality of our educational programs. They advise the Department of education and have the right to consent to components, including the Teaching and Examination Regulations.

Management Board for Research

The Management Board for Research consists of the Vice Dean, the director of Erasmus Graduate School of Law, the Manager of the Research Department and the Project Manager on Grant and Funding.

Management Board for Education

The Management Board for Education consists of the Dean, program directors and student board members.

Support services

Researchers and managers are assisted by our expert support services and administrative bodies.


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