Education committees

Erasmus School of Law

The  Education committees of Erasmus School of Law are involved in monitoring and improving the quality of our Bachelor and Master programmes. They advice the Department of Education and have the right of approval to particular decisions, including the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER). The committees are composed of lecturers and students from the Bachelor and subsequent Master programmes.  

In summary, the Education committees are concerned with: 

  • Advising on the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER); 

  • Annual assessment of the manner in which the TER is implemented; 

  • Providing solicited and unsolicited advice on certain policy and education related matters to the program director and the dean; 

  • Giving advice on the policy of certain resources, such as quality agreements for higher education; 

  • Drawing up a vision on the quality of education for example for the purpose of (re)accreditation of programmes. 

The role and competence of the Education committees are laid down in article 9.18 of the Higher Education and Scientific Research Act (WHW) and article 11 of the  Faculty regulations. For more information, also consult the EUR website or the national platform for Education committees. 

Erasmus School of Law has three Education committees: 

  • Education committee Bachelor Law and Tax Law; 

  • Education committee Master Law and Tax Law; 

  • Education committee Bachelor and Master Criminology 

Participating as a student?

If you have ideas or see certain policy issues that you think the Education committee should be aware of, send an email to This is not intended for individual complaints. 

Would you like to become a member of a Education committee? New members are recruited in September each year. Keep an eye on the website for vacancies. As a student member you represent the students, you make representative decisions and you know how to contribute to the quality of education based on your vision. 

Contact information

A. Gonçalves (secretary)



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