Law & Markets

Law & Markets

Our department Law & Markets contributes to high-quality education and research with regard to the legal and interdisciplinary aspects of the laws and regulations for economic parties. With our innovative education and research, we contribute to the international scientific community and, of course, to the lawyer of the future.


Pim Jansen appointed as Professor of Economic Administrative Law

From 1 March 2024, Pim Jansen has been appointed Professor of Economic Administrative Law.
Pim Jansen

Jolien Kruit wins the prestigious Albert Lilar prize

Jolien talks about her passion for maritime law, her career, and her experiences as an external PhD candidate.
Jolien Kruit met haar prijs

The complexity of asbestos claims limitation

Marnix Hebly, Associate Professor of Private Law at Erasmus School of Law, elucidates the key aspects of asbestos case prescription and outlines his vision.
Marnix Hebly

EU announces investigation into Chinese subsidies that may disrupt fair competition

According to Associate Professor Pim Jansen, the investigation into the subsidisation of Chinese car manufacturers is part of a broader trend in the EU.
Lots of cars neatly parked in a parking lot

Will the Demand for Critical Raw Materials Transform the Political Economy of the EU?

The NWO has awarded Ioannis Kampourakis a Veni grant for his research on EU regulations concerning critical raw materials for the climate transition.
Ioannis Kampourakis

Boundless growth: New Orleans enriched Warren as a PhD Researcher and individual

Together with Warren de Waegh, a PhD researcher at Erasmus School of Law, we reflect on his overseas adventure in New Orleans.
Warren de Waegh sitting on a bench in front of Tulane School of Law sign

Concealment on your insurance application form can prove costly

Mop van Tiggele-Van der Velde, Professor of Insurance Law, talks about concealment when taking out insurance policies.
Foto van Mop van Tiggele-Van der Velde

The cabinet has fallen but will continue to govern for the time being. How does that work?

Constitutional law experts Nick Efthymiou and Wouter Scherpenisse explain the constitutional context of the fall of Cabinet Rutte IV.
Binnenhof in The Hague

Law, AI and Regulation Conference 2023

Summary of the two-day Law, AI and Regulation Conference 2023, which took place on 8 and 9 June 2023.
Klappend publiek

The road to inclusivity: where does the Netherlands stand in the emancipation of LGBTQIA+ individuals?

Masuma Shahid, PhD candidate at Erasmus School of Law, assesses the steps the Netherlands has taken and still needs to take in LGBTQIA+ emancipation.
Masuma Shahid - 2023


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