Law, Society & Crime

Law, Society & Crime

Our department Law, Society & Crime focuses strongly on societal relevance and scientific impact. With our research and education, we are at the center of many current debates in society and politics, both at national and European level: whether it concerns the fight against subversive crime, medical-ethical issues, harmonisation of criminal procedures in an EU context , or corporate compliance with financial or environmental laws.


The battle for fair medicines: a small foundation against a pharmaceutical giant

André den Exter discusses the lawsuit filed by the the foundation Farma ter Verantwoording against AbbVie due to its unreasonably priced medications.
André den Exter

“Doctors, stay away from social media”

Martin Buijsen, Professor of Health Law at Erasmus School of Law, explains the dangers of using social media for health issues.
Martin Buijsen

From demonstrations to the Dutch childcare benefits scandal, AI and algorithms are everywhere, but how are they being perceived?

On 8 and 9 April 2024, Erasmus School of Law organised a symposium where experts from different fields shared their views on the theme of 'AI Experiences'.
Stijns, Konate, Schuilenburg, Brown en Strangio

Co-Med under fire: inspection imposes a formal directive for shortcomings

Martin Buijsen, Professor of Health Law, discusses the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate's formal directive on Co-Med.
Martin Buijsen

The potential of community sanctions for youth offenders: a case for a more targeted approach

Gwendolyn Koops-Geuze shines light on the potential of community service for convicted juveniles, but also points out important areas of concern.
Gwendolyn Koops-Geuze

Poverty: how can vulnerable neighbourhoods be genuinely helped?

Gijs Custers discusses, in response to the opinion piece by NPLV directors, his vision on necessary structural investments for vulnerable neighbourhoods.
Gijs Custers

Stalking: "You don't have to shoot someone to destroy someone"

Irma Cleven, PhD researcher, explains the possibilities and limitations of the new victim-device for victims of stalking.
Portretfoto Irma Cleven

Media mislabel rap: "Music is seen as the cause of violence"

Jeroen van den Broek explains the links between rap and violence, and how they are often misunderstood in public discourse.
Foto van Jeroen van den Broek

The VVD proposal: is mandatory vaccination allowed?

Martin Buijsen addresses the issue of denying access to unvaccinated children in daycare centres and primary schools.
Martin Buijsen

The pharma pirate: entrepreneurship in optima forma or a dismal matter?

In this article, André den Exter addresses excessive drug prices.
André den Exter

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