If you are a very motivated and dedicated international student who would like to be equipped with some (additional) work experience before returning to your home country, doing an internship might be a unique way to gain valuable experience in your field of study and develop professional and marketable skills.

It is important to know what type of position you are interested in. What are your specific career interests, why do you want an internship and what do you hope to learn, what type of organisation would you like to work for, will you consider both paid an unpaid internships etc etc?

If you would like to find a suitable internship the most common method is through your university. Regularly Erasmus School of Law publishes available internships on the Dutch and English - sin online channel). You can also ask one of your teachers if they can provide you with the contact details of organisations that are offering interesting internships. 
In the Netherlands, it’s very usual to find your internship within your own network of contacts, so make sure you let everyone know that you are searching for an internship.

As internships are not part of our LL.M. programmes' curricula (i.e. you will not receive credits), we advise to do an internship at the end or after your programme has ended. As a non EU/EEA student you will have to apply for a residence permit for the purpose of ‘search year upon graduation ("zoekjaar") which will grant you permission to work in The Netherlands for 1 year.

More information about internships can be found on this website.

We advise to start planning in advance!

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