Capacity Building Workshop on Strategic Litigation: Exploring the Potential of a Law and Political Economy Approach

Tuesday 30 May 2023, 09:00 - 17:30
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Erasmus School of Law

The primary goal of the workshop is to explore the potential for an integrative and collaborative approach between strategic litigants (civil society actors and the lawyers that represent them) and academics to enhance the potential for strategic litigation to achieve the social, economic, and environmental change that is sought by the litigants.

This workshop has two key ambitions. First, to investigate the possible relevance of an LPE approach for advancing strategic litigation claims. Second, to lay the foundations for the development of tools that can nurture at collaboration between academic research and civil society interventions, including the creation of a European network for knowledge exchange that can help to promote a more joined up approach to strategic litigation.

The workshop aspires to discuss the relevance of a focus on the constitutive (and thus on the distributive and power-conferring) role of law for advancing strategic litigation claims. What might a Law and Political Economy approach, and a focus on the constitutive role of law in particular, mean for strategic litigation initiatives? Perhaps the challenge that LPE scholarship presents to the traditional division between ‘private’ and ‘public’ - as descriptors of activity and as legal fields – could be mobilized to recharacterize the nature of actors and/or actions of corporations, financial institutions, and governments for the purposes of litigation?  Could an illustration of how the constitutive role of law is relevant to the carrying out of harmful activities thereby implicate or trigger the legal responsibilities of a wider field of actors who could be pursued in the courts? Might a focus on constitutive role of law assist with the development of new argumentative patterns that could extend the reach of current laws to cover the actions of specific respondents and defendants?

List of Participants



Anna Chadwick

Organiser, University of Glasgow

Ioannis Kampourakis

Organiser, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Javier Solana

Organiser, University of Glasgow

Valentina Arazov

Global Legal Action Network – GLAN

Alessandra Arcuri

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Ruth Dukes

University of Glasgow

Filippo Fantozzi

Climate Litigation Network

Tomaso Ferrando

University of Antwerp

Jeff Handmaker

ISS Hague and Public Interest Litigation Project

Eleanor Kirk

University of Glasgow, Labour and Strategic Litigation Project

Lydia de Leeuw

The Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations – SOMO

Alex Lombos

ClientEarth, Accountable Finance

Paul Mougeolle

Notre Affair À Tous,  Université Paris Nanterre

Phillip Paiement

Tilburg University, TransLitigate: The Agency of Transnational Strategic Litigators in Global Environmental Governance

Pablo Felmer Roa

Barcelona Bar Association

Jamie Sawyer

ClientEarth, Accountable Finance

David Scott

University of Glasgow

Sanne Taekema

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Jasper Teulings

Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, Director Strategic Litigation

Vera Weghmann

Independent Workers of Great Britain Union and United Voices of the World


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