The Era of Disintegration: Taking Stock of the Dynamics of International Economic Governance in the First Two Decades of the 21st Century

Friday 16 Nov 2018, 09:30 - 17:30
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International economic law and EU law have played an enormous role in enhancing economic integration and international cooperation. However, they seem to have lost part of their integrationist force.

International and regional economic regimes seem in fact to be both sustaining and nurturing patterns of disintegration. Brexit, the Euro crisis, the US challenges to multilateralism, environmental disruptions, and resource-cursed States are only a few examples of how disintegration dynamics are unfolding rapidly at various levels. On the 16th of November, academics and practitioners from the fields of law, economics and philosophy of economics will gather together in Rotterdam to analyze these patterns of disintegration, trying to discern the paradox by which the very instruments and mechanisms that were introduced with the aim of achieving an ever-closer integration may have actually spurred centrifugal and structural fragmenting tendencies.

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This conference is organized within the framework and the support of the Erasmus Initiative for Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity. For more information do not hesitate to contact

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