Seminar on Open Science and Qualitative Data

Tuesday 19 Dec 2023, 13:30 - 14:30
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Van der Goot Building
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Erasmus School of Law

The practice of qualitative research stands to gain tremendously from the diffusion of open science practices. The promise of open science is that it makes the practice of doing qualitative research less solipsistic, more generative, and increasingly epistemically efficient. Yet, many of the best practices and normative prescriptions that are normally associated with open science derive from scientific communities that completely committed to the hypothetico-deductive cycle. These best practices are generally ill-fitting with qualitative research, and the fit worsens the more this research leans towards constructionism and interpretivism.

In this seminar, we therefore address a poignant question: how can open science practices be reimagined in such a way that they work for qualitative researchers? We touch upon topics like: How important is sharing qualitative data, and how can it be done responsively? How can narrative reports be embellished through open science practices? How can the research instruments we constantly develop as qualitative researchers be used as a generative force? How can open science practices expedite the onboarding and socialisation of the next generation of qualitative researchers? And how can distributed sample designs help with the extension and repurposing of qualitative research efforts? The seminar will be informal and interactive, so questions and dialogue are very welcome.

Target audience: (PhD) Researchers working with qualitative data; Researchers interested in Open Science

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