Maritime and Transport Law

Career opportunities for Master Maritime & Transport Law

As a graduate of the LL.M. programme Maritime and Transport Law you are able to pursue career opportunities in the legal profession as an attorney active in litigation, arbitration and contract-drafting, as an in-house counsel in the legal department of banks and businesses in the maritime and transport industry, as a claims handler, broker or underwriter in the insurance industry, in advisory positions to government agencies and port authorities and in academia.

Positions of our graduates:

  • Business lawyer at world leading organisations;
  • Lawyer or attorney in the legal practise;
  • Academic teacher and researcher.
If you have ambition in the highly international field of maritime and transport law it is vital to gain knowledge, which the excellent master Maritime and Transport law in Rotterdam offers you.
Daan Komen
Alumnus Maritime and Transport Law 2012-2013
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The Maritime and Transport law programme not only helped me to acquire more comprehensive knowledge in Commercial Law, but also to be specialized in the very dynamic Maritime and Transport industry.
Charalampos Nasios
Alumnus Maritime and Transport Law 2012-2013
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