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What is MyFuture?

As a prospective lawyer, more and more is being expected of you. Individualisation, innovation, internationalization, and technical developments have a major influence on your study and the labour market. These changes require a broad development of skills that can be useful in every phase of your study or career. MyFuture is the program of Erasmus School of Law which can help you with this!

MyFuture organizes various workshops and offers online modules for bachelor and master students of Erasmus School of Law. The range of offered workshops and modules will be different for each year, depending on the study phase you are in. This way we can assure that you develop the right skills at the exact moment you need them!

By offering these options, MyFuture can help you in the field of:

  • Study success: The workshops and modules offered by MyFuture will be related to your study to a great extent. This way, you can develop skills that can help you complete your studies successfully!
  • Inclusivity: Education needs to be accessible to everyone, and there is a place for everyone at Erasmus School of Law. MyFuture supports this message by contributing to the study success of every student and looking as much as possible at the needs of each student individually. This way, you can develop the skills you need in a place where you feel welcome!
  • Student well-being: In several modules that will be offered by MyFuture, your personal development will be a central element. You can learn how to deal with stress, pressure in your studies and difficult situations. By increasing your well-being in this way, you can eventually achieve more!
  • Sustainable working life: By attending the workshops and completing the modules of MyFuture, will not only be useful during your studies, but also during your step into the labor market. You will notice that lawyers have experience in many areas to keep their knowledge up to date in the current dynamic labor market. At MyFuture, we provide you the tools you need to do this in a successful and sustainable way.

Have you become enthusiastic, and do you want to stay informed about the latest developments regarding MyFuture? Sign up for the MyFuture course on Canvas.

If you have any other questions, you can of course always contact us.

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