Working on... a dream.
Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings. - Salvador Dali
Cheyenne Kooijman
Programme coordinator MyFuture
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MyFuture helps you to set goals and to realise your dreams. Dreams are personal. Ambition is personal. MyFuture helps with your journey to your ultimate destination. By participating in the workshops, you will be more successful in your studies, the step to the labour market will be more comfortable, and you will be more successful in your (future) job.

If you register for MyFuture, you get exclusive access to the workshops and other activities. You can participate in entire modules within MyFuture, but you can also attend individual workshops. Invest only a few hours in yourself and immediately notice the difference during your studies. Make your step into the labour market easier and see the differences in your daily life!

Create your own future.

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