MyFuture LL.M.

You have arrived at an important stage of your college education. Your final year is about to start, and pretty soon you will get your degree. After that accomplishment, you will take the first steps in your professional career. But are you well-prepared for the journey, and the encounters you might have along the way? How will you make sure that this important phase of your life will be as successful as possible?

In 2018-2019 the MyFuture program will consist of three parts with corresponding modules. Each module will highlight a different subject and/or skill.

You can sign up for an entire module or separate workshops. If you participate in four of the five workshops within a module, you are eligible for the MyFuture certificate of that module. With this certificate you can show future employers that you have worked on these specific skills during your studies.

Module Personal Profile - Workshops

  • To be able to pitch is one of the most essential skills for anyone who wants to impress his future employer. In order to be fully equipped for this one moment in which you can impress we offer you this workshop “Pitching Perfect”. Sign up now, and be ready to sell yourself to your future boss!

  • The Dutch workspace can be quite unique. For example, Dutch are known for their directness and in some opinions bluntness. In this training we prepare you for this workspace by showing you how to coop with these situations and feel at home at the Dutch working space.

  • Last year was the year of Facebook’s downfall, for the first time ever Facebook membership in the Netherlands declined. Last year was also the year of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It seems like we are getting more aware of our digital image, but are we really? In this workshop we discuss and explore your digital image.

  • Getting a job is one thing: getting a fair contract is something different. How much can you demand? How much can you expect? In this workshop we discover the process of negotiating a contract of employment, so you can get the most out of your (first) contract!

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