MyFuture LL.M.

Current facets (Pre-Master)

You have arrived at an important stage of your college education. Your final year is about to start, and pretty soon you will get your degree. After that accomplishment, you will take the first steps in your professional career. But are you well-prepared for the journey, and the encounters you might have along the way? How will you make sure that this important phase of your life will be as successful as possible?

In 2018-2019 the MyFuture program will consist of three parts with corresponding modules. Each module will highlight a different subject and/or skill.

You can sign up for an entire module or separate workshops. If you participate in four of the five workshops within a module, you are eligible for the MyFuture certificate of that module. With this certificate you can show future employers that you have worked on these specific skills during your studies.

Module 1: Employability Skills

This module will teach you important skills to stand out from other candidates on the labor market. The workshops that we will offer in this first module will train you in a variety of skills which research shows are often asked on the labor market; including effective communication, flexibility and pro-activity. These workshops are not only relevant for your future with regard to the labor market, but they will also help to successfully navigate your studies and to adapt to living in another culture.

  • We all know it is a globalizing world. Right now, you are studying in an international environment. After graduation, you might want to work abroad, or you might find yourself in an international company, working with people from different cultures. In this workshop, you will learn to recognize how your culture differs from others, what the impact of these cultural differences are, and how to effectively and agreeably collaborate with people from different cultures while staying true to your own norms and values. We will also touch upon practical matters such as: task-oriented vs. relationship oriented management, direct vs. indirect communication, approaches to hierarchy, and what kind of behaviour is expected from MA students in the university environment.

    Thu 30/8/2018 – 13:30-15:30

  • In this workshop you will learn how to present yourself in a way that is right for you and in a way that will convince the people you are presenting to. Good presentation skills will help you in any work field and during your studies. This workshop will give you tips and tricks on presenting yourself in a strong and correct way.

    You will learn about different presentation techniques, you will improve your self-confidence, you will improve your presentation skills and you will be able to identify your strong point in presentations and ways to keep improving yourself.

    Tue 14/9/2018 – 9:00-11:00

  • In this workshop you will learn to enhance cross-cultural cooperation by creating an understanding of cultural differences and you will increase the awareness around diversity in thinking and ways of working. This workshop will also offer tips and tricks for improved communication across cultures.

    Tue 25/9/2018 – 9:00-11:00

  • In this workshop you will be taught how to manage your time, how to set limits for your tasks and goals, but also how to reach your goal within your set time limit. Managing your time and projects well is a skill every employer is looking for, but it also very beneficial for your studies. For example the writing of your thesis.

    You will learn how to set up a good project plan, including a realistic time limit, how to set (new) goals, how to deal with procrastination and how to prioritize your time.

    Tue 2/10/2018 – 9:00-11:00

  • Giving someone feedback is crucial in a work environment. You need to be able to tell someone they are doing a very good job and tell them they might need to improve on certain subject. How you give someone feedback will affect your (work-)relationship. In this workshop you will learn to give someone constructive feedback and how to receive it.

    Tue 9/10/2018 – 9:00-11:00