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Maritime & Transport Law

A choice for Maritime and Transport Law at Erasmus University in Rotterdam is a choice for our unique programme and excellent teaching staff. practice-oriented education and the environment. Below you can read the main reasons why other Maritime and Transport Law students preceded you.

  • This LL.M. programme gives you a unique opportunity to obtain the legal know-how, the skills and practical experience needed for a career in maritime and transport law;
  • You will focus on the legal aspects of shipping and the transportation of goods;
  • You are educated by excellent teaching staff. They have both a solid academic background as well as a wealth of experience in the legal practice and the maritime and transport industry;
  • Your study location is a stone’s throw away from the largest port of Europe. You will visit companies to see how things work in practice.

Student experiences

Aaron Nagtegaal
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Rubilita Hooff
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Freda Amoako
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Themis Karvounidis
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Valeria Boukoumani
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Tessie Schuurs
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Sebastian Remin
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Mauricio Garcia
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Ottavia Raschi
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