Commercial Law’s London Study Trip 2019

During the week of April 14th-20th, a group of 25 enthusiastic students travelled to London where they visited several companies, law firms and legal practices, and organizations, amongst which Lloyd’s of London, Quadrant Chambers, and the International Maritime Organization.

The Study Trip was organized by the students themselves, with the help and sponsorship of Erasmus University and its partners. The purpose of this trip was to provide students with an overview of the multitude of career paths available to them after graduation, and what better way to achieve this than to visit London, the legal capital of the world?

The LLM Commercial Law students had the possibility to visit renowned legal practices and institutions, and to take the trip to its utmost fruition, given the different specializations within the LLM, the Study Trip was divided into two groups: the LLM Maritime & Transport Law student group, and the LLM Commercial & Company Law/LLM International Trade Law student group. While some visits overlapped due to their pertinence to both specializations, this division of the Study Trip allowed for more tailored visits to the students’ interests.

In London, the students attended presentations at the various companies, observed hearings, and had the chance to interact with numerous legal practitioners in different sectors of the industry, such as barristers and solicitors, bankers, and arbitrators

Foto van Studytrip Londen