EJRR published special issue edited by PhD researchers of EGSL

Foto van Marta Kolzac & Alberto Quintavalla

Erasmus Graduate School of Law is happy to announce that the European Journal of Risk Regulation published a special issue edited by Marta Kołacz and Alberto Quintavalla entitled Law in the Face of Disruptive Technology. Marta and Alberto are PhD researchers at the Erasmus School of Law and have been board members of PILAR.

This Special Issue includes five contributions listed below.

  1. Who Should Regulate Disruptive Technology? by Marta Kołacz, Alberto Quintavalla and Orlin Yalnazov
  2. What Shall we do with the Drunken Sailor? Product Safety in the Aftermath of 3D Printing by Klaus Heine and Shu Li
  3. Towards Intelligent Regulation of Artificial Intelligence by Miriam Buiten
  4. Planning for Problems with Short-term Lets? A Comparative Economic Analysis of the use of Town Planning Versus Private Law Systems to Tackle Spill-over Effects by Liam Wells
  5. Technological Innovation and Animal Law: Does Dignity Do the Trick? by Anne Lansink

First drafts of some articles were presented at the International Erasmus Early-Career Scholars Conference that was held in April 2018 at the Erasmus School of Law.

Further offspring of the conference are two other special issues co-authored by Marta and Alberto. These are the Special Issue (2018) of Cambridge Law Review on Public and Private Regulatory Approaches to Globalization and Issue 3 (2018) of the Erasmus Law Review on Technological Change and Regulation.

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