Indonesian delegation visits Centre for the Law and Economics of Cyber Security

group of BSSN and CLECS researchers

Last Wednesday 23 August, an official delegation from Indonesia's 'Badan Siber dan Sandi Negara' BSSN (National Cyber and Crypto Agency) visited CLECS, a research centre at Erasmus School of Law. This meeting was part of a three day visit by the Agency to a number of Dutch institutions to gain knowledge about the Dutch cybersecurity approach. Besides, for example, the National Cyber Security Centre and the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security, the delegation visited the Erasmus University to be informed about cyber regulation from an academic point of view. 

The delegation was received by Professor Evert Stamhuis, CLECS director Sophie van der Zee and PhD candidate Wouter Scherpenisse. The latter is on a PhD track within the subject of cybersecurity and, from that capacity, was able to tell the delegation about Dutch policy in the field of cybersecurity. From both sides, the meeting was considered very successful and worth repeating. Scherpenisse: "It was a unique experience and valuable to be able to use the knowledge gained to contribute to solutions to cyber issues facing Indonesia. Cyber security policies benefit from cooperation and it is good to show that CLECS is fully committed to that."

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