Innovative research on cybersecurity launched

Three PhD positions in cybersecurity are being created at the Centre for the Law & Economics of Cyber Security (CLECS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam as of January 2022. This development has been prompted directly by the great need in the field for more scientific expertise in this area: These positions are being made possible by Ahold Delhaize and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (I&W). 

CLECS Director Bernold Nieuwesteeg: ‘As a centre, but also as the university as a whole, we are always aware of the social impact we can have with our scientific research. This is increasingly done in cooperation with partners from the field. These studies shed light on both the business and government perspectives on cybersecurity, so we hope that a very wide spectrum of organisations will benefit from this.’ 

A melting pot of expertise required

‘A complex and relatively new subject such as cybersecurity requires a melting pot of fields of expertise: disciplines such as law, economics, public administration, political science and engineering come together in this project. That is why it is extra valuable that Erasmus University will also be cooperating intensively here with the universities of Leiden and Delft,’ says Nieuwesteeg. 

The PhD position at the Ministry of I&W should provide insight into how cybersecurity can be further improved within the organisation and its sectors. Here, for example, we look at which legal and policy bottlenecks are impeding the cyber resilience of vital sectors. The research funded by Ahold Delhaize will focus on whether it is possible to analyse the effectiveness and efficiency of various cybersecurity measures, and what the return on investment is of the measures.  

The details of the third project will be determined by the partnership between Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities. The content of this position will be linked to the two aforementioned projects.

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Bernold Nieuwesteeg

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