Research by Bernold Nieuwesteeg is the cornerstone for advice from the Cyber Security Council to Minister Grapperhaus

Bernold Nieuwesteeg

"Anyone who was raised in a - somewhat - Christian way knows that the light and the darkness are inextricably linked," said Mr Bernold Nieuwesteeg. These concepts are also of great importance in the world of cybersecurity and privacy, according to Nieuwesteeg's research about the effect of the obligation to report data leaks on behalf of the Cyber ​​Security Council.

The Cyber ​​Security Council recently provided advice to Minister Grapperhaus about the obligation to report data leaks. The minister has positively received this advice. The research of Mr Bernold Nieuwesteeg contributed to the advice. The central question in the study was whether the current reporting obligation for data leaks has the right balance between light and darkness. Maximum openness could also have disadvantages; for example, it is not the intention to immediately share all kinds of vulnerabilities with the public if the organization in question has not yet resolved these vulnerabilities, says Nieuwesteeg.

The study has shown that data breaches need to be studied more at a social level. Now, a large part of the data leaks ends up in a digital desk drawer or is only reported to those affected. A remedy for this can be disclosing information about data leaks reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority - under strict conditions - via the Central Bureau of Statistics for scientific and statistical research. In this way, one sensibly sheds more light in the dark and mysterious world of cybersecurity and privacy, says Nieuwesteeg.

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