‘Rethinking the dangerous in scary times’ in Hamburg’s Common Study Session

Criminology students holding up the Erasmus School of Law flag in Hamburg

From 14 until 16 May, criminology students from Erasmus School of Law had the opportunity to gather and attend some interesting presentations at the Common Study Programme in Critical Criminology (CSP) at the University of Hamburg in Germany. The CSP is organised twice a year by variating participating universities and provides academic lecturers, researchers, and students to exchange expertise and ideas on topics within ‘critical criminology’. The theme of this spring edition was ‘Rethinking the dangerous in scary times’.

Over the years, attending the CSP has been an enriching experience for all students. It has been an opportunity to learn, exchange knowledge with colleagues, and meet new people. During these days in Hamburg, the Erasmus School of Law participants had the opportunity to strengthen ties with their colleagues. The Common Session was also an excellent opportunity to be more in touch with the professors and spend some enjoyable time together. Moreover, the session in Hamburg provided students with the opportunity to improve their research and offered new voices a chance to emerge.

“We travelled to Hamburg full of expectations, and we returned with our ‘suitcases’ loaded with experiences, friendships, and knowledge.”

This year's theme ‘Rethinking the dangerous in scary times’ came at the right time. Understanding how certain situations come about in society, how to deal with them without bias, and how to provide answers in accordance with human rights and sustainable options is an essential path that must be followed in today's multifaceted world.

The CSP always is a special moment for learning and meeting people from other universities in a rich cultural environment. “Furthermore, being among other colleagues brings us a sense of pride to be part of Erasmus School of Law, especially due to all the support offered to us in several different circumstances. “In the end, we travelled to Hamburg full of expectations, and we returned with our ‘suitcases’ loaded with experiences, friendships, and knowledge”, the participants explain.

The Common Study Programme

The Common Study Programme is a collaboration between universities and now consists of fifteen universities in Europe and the United States that alternately host semi-annual conferences. The next Common Study Programme will be in Athens in October 2023.

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