Securitas now responsible for safety and security on campus

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Security transfer from Trigion to Securitas

As of today, security company Securitas is responsible for security on campus Woudestein, EUC and ISS in The Hague. Securitas has high ambitions to realize a safer learning and working environment at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, with innovative technology and preventive security methods.

With the arrival of Securitas, the university bids farewell to Trigion, the company that provided the campus security for the past 50 years. Over the past few months, the Securitas staff has been trained by Trigion employees to become familiar with the campus. Last night at midnight, the security tasks were officially transferred from Trigion to Securitas. Barry Boogers, Process Coordinator Safety and Security, says: "We wish Securitas a warm welcome and we are glad to work together on a safe learning and working environment!"

"We wish Securitas a warm welcome and we are glad to work together on a safe learning and working environment!"

Barry Boogers

Process Coördinator Safety and Security

Safety and hospitality

Securitas wants to ensure a hospitable experience on campus, as well as a strong sense of social and information security. In times as these, with many changes and rapidly developing technologies, it is important that security can continuously adapt. Securitas wants to use smart and innovative technologies for a safer learning and working environment at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

With Red Teaming for instance, a method to test security by running fictitious but realistic scenarios. As a result, security guards are more alert and become familiar with procedures and resources more quickly.

Security by Securitas

Security - an important theme, especially now

Security has a major impact on society and students, and security topics are perhaps more topical now than ever. Student wellbeing, polarization, radicalization, intimidation and unwanted or transgressive behavior are themes that are high on the social agenda. Moreover, the importance of daring to speak out, reporting and taking responsibility together, which is essential for a safe environment. 

Preventive security

As Desiderius Erasmus once said: Prevention is better than cure. The strategy of Securitas is aimed at proactively preventing incidents, also called preventive security. With the help of employees and students of the EUR, Securitas aims to identify abnormal situations or abnormal behavior early on. This allows them to intervene even before an unsafe situation arises.

More information

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