Summary Kick Off Meeting 2018

Foto van EGSL Meeting 2018

The annual EGSL kick off meeting took place on Tuesday 25 September 2018. The EGSL Director professor Klaus Heine welcomed approximately 45- 50 guests, consisting of ESL professors, senior (support) staff and new and current PhD researchers.

Professor Heine started off with sharing a few impressions and highlights from EGSL’s daily work: Internationalization is getting shape. Next to the availability of EU-travel grants EGSL has obtained an Erasmus plus grant for exchange on all levels with Bar-Ilan University (Israel). EGSL also has strong ties with University of Leeds (UK). Together with Development EGSL has produced movie clips of and from PhD-researchers, by which we can tell the world who we are. EGSL is growing by a larger number of new PhD-researchers and also gets an even more diverse population (AiO, CLC, ITN, Do IP, EDLE, grants…). Finally, together with a number of ESL-professors EGSLs develops online-courses.

After that, Wilma Puper gave a presentation about Hora Finitia, the new PhD registration and monitoring system, which will be implemented from January 2019 on. EGSL is eager to streamline the administration towards the defense. The advantages of the system were highlighted, and it was showed how the system looks like and how it can offer support in the PhD process. This presentation will be spread to the faculty.

Following, professor Heine gave the floor to professor Evert Stamhuis, Law and Innovation. He held an inspiring talk to the PhD’s about the challenges and the accomplishments of obtaining a PhD.  He rounded up by giving some tips and tricks.

After this mini lecture, the following PhD researchers were invited to introduce themselves to their peers and ESL colleagues: 

  • Lester Chen, external PhD candidate, topic: The Concept of Toleration and its paradoxes, supervisor professor Wibren van de Burg
  • Irma Cleven, topic: Effectiveness and enforcement of penal protection orders in the pre-sentencing phase, supervisors Dr. Tamar Fischer and professor Rene van Swaaningen.
  • Roy Heesakkers, PhD within the Erasmus Initiative Inclusive Prosperity, topic: Towards a More Inclusive Corporate Law: Accounting for Non-Contractual Stakeholders of Corporations, supervisor professor Kid Schwarz.
  • Anna Merz, topic: From CEO to criminal? Uncovering peer-group disapproval of white-collar crime within business communities, supervisor professor Rene van Swaaningen
  • Oleksiy Shmatko, external PhD candidate, topic: Risk Assessment for the Transfer Pricing Purposes, supervisor Professor Arnaud de Graaf
  • Heleen Tiemersma, PhD within the Erasmus Initiative Inclusive Prosperity, topic: Fostering Business Respect for Human Rights through Finance; addressing the role of Financial Institutions in preventing company-community conflict in the extractive industries, supervisor professor Martijn Scheltema
  • Ruben Timmerman, topic:  Irregular migrant workers within Dutch informal economies: The intersection between human trafficking and immigration control, supervisor Richard Staring
  • Fiona Unz, topic: Consumer protection in a disruptive society: A survival guide, supervisors: dr. Wouter Verheyen and Professor Harriet Schelhaas
  • Josje de Vogel, topic: Sustainable Mobility and Consumer Protection supervisors: dr. Wouter Verheyen and Professor Harriet Schelhaas
  • Amber Zwanenburg, teacher conducting a PhD, topic: Drawing the line between business opportunities and sham arrangements in Dutch companies’ search to save on the cost of labour (ab)using the EU internal market freedom, supervisor professor Zef Even.

After the introduction of the new PhD researchers, PhD researchers Georgia Antonopoulou and Marnxi Hebly were interviewed by Dr. Karin van Wingerde. Georgia just successfully completed the first year and Marnix is in the process of finishing his PhD thesis. They were interviewed on several aspects in the PhD trajectory.

Following, Dr. Federica Violi awarded the EGSL certificates to last year’s class of 2017-2018:  Georgia Antonopoulou, Nathan de Arriba-Sellier, Marlies Blesgraaf, Hongwei Dang, Marilena Drymioti, Emma van Gelder, Maurits Helmich, Sarah van Os, Sophia Paulini, Priskila Penasthika, Elif Gul Yilmazlar and Yayi Zhang.

Other PhD researchers who will receive their certificate but were unable to attend this kick off are: Yihua Chen, Ilse Kersten, Francesco Pennesi and Jie Wang.

Hereafter she awarded the prize for this year’s Call for Ideas to Maria Fernanda Caporale Madi, Michelle de Vries, Du Du and Eleonora di Molfetti for their idea Building the brand ‘You”. They aim to organize a round table on how to get your PhD published.

Lastly, the floor was given to the new PILAR board. Michelle de Vries (chair) introduced the current and new board: Michelle de Vries - Chair, Du Du - Secretary, Eleonora di Molfetta -Treasurer, Maria Fernanda Caporale Madi – responsible for events, Sophia Paulini (next year’s chair), Georgia Antonopoulou (next year’s secretary), Josje de Vogel (next year’s treasurer) and Liam Wells (next year’s responsible for events) and gave a brief explanation on the tasks and goals of PILAR.

The Kick off was closed by inviting everyone for drinks.

Pictures of the EGSL Kick Off meeting 2018

Foto van ESL Meeting 2018 - 4
EGSL Meeting 2018
  • Foto van ESL Meeting 2018 - 1
  • Foto van ESL Meeting 2018 - 2
  • Foto van ESL Meeting 2018 - 3

EGSL Meeting 2018

Foto van ESL Meeting 2018 - 4
Foto van ESL Meeting 2018 - 1
Foto van ESL Meeting 2018 - 2
Foto van ESL Meeting 2018 - 3
Foto van ESL Meeting 2018 - 4
Foto van ESL Meeting 2018 - 1
Foto van ESL Meeting 2018 - 2
Foto van ESL Meeting 2018 - 3

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