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  • mr. (Iris) I Bakx

    mr. (Iris) I Bakx

  • dr. (Kinnari) KI Bhatt

    dr. (Kinnari) KI Bhatt

    Kinnari Bhatt is a postdoctoral researcher on the research project 'integrating normative and functional approaches to the rule of law and human rights' (INFAR)…
  • dr. (Cheng) C Bian

    dr. (Cheng) C Bian

  • mr.drs. (Irma) IR Bluijs

    mr.drs. (Irma) IR Bluijs

  • mr.dr. (Claudia) C Bouteligier

    mr.dr. (Claudia) C Bouteligier

  • mr. (Wietse) WFM Buijs

    mr. (Wietse) WFM Buijs

    Title of research: Terror and Torture in the Wake of 9/11: Legality in Response to Terrorism and in Striking New Balances in the Separation of Powers. Promotor:…
  • (Wibren) W van der Burg (Wibren) W van der Burg

    Fields of research: Legal philosophy, legal theory, law and ethics Legal research methods, interdisciplinary research Multicultural society, law and religion,…
  • (Lester) HM Chen

    (Lester) HM Chen

  • mr.dr. (Carinne) C Elion - Valter

    mr.dr. (Carinne) C Elion - Valter

    Carinne Elion-Valter focuses on analyzing law in its cultural and historical (history of ideas) and literary context (Law and Literature, Law and the Humanities…
  • (Melih) MU Erol

    (Melih) MU Erol