Faculty Colloquium I: Katia Hay

Some notes on the similarities and differences between Nietzsche and Schelling on love, life and death.
Lecture hall full of students
Wednesday 22 Sep 2021, 16:00 - 17:30
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This event will be held at the campus, however, if you would like to tune in digitally you can use the Zoom link below. 


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The Faculty Colloquia aim to cover the broad scope of Erasmus School of Philosophy (ESPhil), in analytic and continental philosophy as well as the history of philosophy. In this first session of 2021-2022, Katia Hay (University of Amsterdam) will talk about the similarities and differences between Nietzsche and Schelling on love, life and death. 

Nietzsche’s Genealogy of Morality (1887) and Schelling’s Freedom Essay (1803) are so different and even contradictory that it seems pointless to compare them. Nietzsche is working under the assumption that God is dead, whereas Schelling’s entire essay in a way revolves around the thought of God and his coming into existence. Nietzsche’s fierce critique of Christianity and metaphysics leaves in effect very little room for any fruitful comparison between the two authors.  

And yet, there are also many important points of affinity; especially when it comes to one of the key notions in both authors: life (and Hay would argue: also freedom). In Hay's presentation, she would like to focus on a number of themes and elements in order to show the ways in which Nietzsche and Schelling are closer than it seems. Identifying these similarities as well as understanding the differences will also enable us to read both authors and texts in a new light. 

Katia Hay is Assistant Professor in Continental Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. She is author of Die Notwendigkeit des Scheiterns. Das Tragische als Bestimmung der Philosophie bei Schelling (Beiträge zur Schelling-Forschung 2, Alber-Verlag: Freiburg 2012). Her present research is focused on Nietzsche and the comic.

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All students and staff are invited. You are welcome to join us for drinks and snacks afterward at the Erasmus Paviljoen.



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