Examination Board

The Examination Board is responsible for the organization and coordination of the examinations of Erasmus School of Philosophy. The members assess the quality of the tests and the execution of the Binding Study Advice (BSA). In addition, the members monitor the coherence of the graduation program, the quality of the Bachelor's and Master's theses and the rules of admission for the Master programme. Finally, the Examination Board keeps track of the exam results and keeps the Education Committee informed on the exam results.

For students it is important to know that they will have to contact the Examination Board in various stages during their studies. For instance, the Board has to give formal approval of a bachelor or master examination and has to agree with an internship or exchange. In general, students have to receive permission from the Examination Board when they want to deviate from their standard curriculum. In general it is the Board’s task to ensure that students are treated equally.

Dr. S. WinteinChair
Dr. K.E.M. BauerLecturer
Dr. P.J.J. DelaereLecturer
Dr. S.G.A. van HerpenExternal member
Dr. T.K.A.M. de MeyLecturer
Drs. T. HeroldSecretary

Examination Board

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PO Box 1738
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