Faculty Colloquia

The Faculty Colloquia aim to cover the broad scope of Erasmus School of Philosophy (ESPhil), in analytic and continental philosophy as well as the history of philosophy. Speakers are free in their choice of the subject-matter of their talks, but are requested to present a talk accessible to all philosophers, students notably included.

The programme is as follows:

January 20th 2021Eric NelsonNothingness, Emptiness, and Heidegger's Entanglements with East Asian Philosophy17:00 - 18:45
February 24th 2021Noortje MarresTesting society: Why we need social studies of testing in an age of computational innovation17:00 - 18:45
March 10th 2021Kai SpiekermannTick Here to Diminish Your Agency: The Moral Limits of Consent for Data Use17:00 - 18:45
April 14th 2021Irene van Staveren

The Ethics in Development Studies

17:00 - 18:45
May 12th 2021Dan YacavoneCinematic Worlds17:00 - 18:45
June 2021Giovenbattista TusaMore details will follow17:00 - 18:45


Contact person: F.A. Muller

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