Faculty Colloquia

The Faculty Colloquia aim to cover the broad scope of Erasmus School of Philosophy (ESPhil), in analytic and continental philosophy as well as the history of philosophy. Speakers are free in their choice of the subject-matter of their talks, but are requested to present a talk accessible to all philosophers, students notably included.

The colloquia for 2022-2023 will be announced as soon as possible. 




22 September 2021

 Some notes on the similarities and differences between Nietzsche and Schelling on love, life and death

Katia Hay

20 October 2021

New politics of science

Yves Gingres

3 November 2021

What Grundrisse Tells us about Uber: capitalism's neofeudalizing dynamics


Jodi Dean

24 November 2021Sport, Vitalism and RepressionSandra Meeuwsen




Sara Heinämaa

(Jyväskylä, Finland)

19 January 2022

The Legacy of Critical Theory for Environmental Ethics and a Hegelian Relaunch of Critical Theory


Konrad Ott

Kiel (Duitsland)

24 February 2022


Condorcet and Gouges, Abolitionist Arguments

Sandrine Berges

(Bilkent, Turkije)

16 MarchEthics Parallel ResearchRector Magnificus Annelien Bredenoord

? March 2022


Human Nature and Habit

Michael Hampe

(ETH Zürich)

20 April 2022


No Decarbonization without Democratization: To Save the Planet, Open Democracy

Hélène Landemore

(Yale, USA)

11/18 May 2022



Joseph Vogl


Contact person: F.A. Muller

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