Student Profiles

  • Hester Bartelsman

    Previous education: BSc in Liberal Arts and Sciences, focus: Logic (Amsterdam University College)

    Research interests: Social Choice Theory, Political Philosophy, Distributive Justice, Rationality.

  • Flavia Nuta

    Previous education: International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Bachelor Philosophy of a Specific Discipline (Erasmus University Rotterdam; in progress).

    Research interests: Behavioural Economics, Alternative Economic Systems, Political Philosophy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Philosophy of Man & Culture.

  • Ahmed AlJuhany

    Previous education: BA in Economics (Waseda University)

    Research interests: Methodology of Economics, Heterodox Economics, Social Ontology 

  • Matteo Boccacci

    Previous education: Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy (University of Rome Tor Vergata); MA Philosophical Perspectives on Politics and the Economy (Leiden University; ongoing)

    Research interests: Power relations within societies (micro and macro level), Capitalism and democracy

  • Maximilian Gasser

    Previous education: BSc in Economics (Vienna University of Economics, WU)

    Research interests: Moral and Political Philosophy; Methodology and Ethics of Behavioural Economics; Development; Public Policy, Taxation and Inequality 

  • Ruth Hinz

    Previous education: Bachelor in Culture and Economy: Philosophy and Economics (University of Mannheim)

    Research interests: Methodology of Economics, Game Theory, Social Choice Theory, Population Ethics

  • Ina Jäntgen

    Previous education: BA in Philosophy (major) and Social and Cultural Anthropology (minor) and BSc in Economics (University of Freiburg) 

    Research interests: Philosophy of social science, Causation, Methodology of economics, Ethics and economics, International economics 

  • Sashank Kapilavai

    Previous education: MSc Development Economics (SOAS, University of London)

    Research interests: Political Economy, Moral and Political Philosophy, History of Economic Thought

  • Marthijn Kinkel

    Previous education: Liberal Arts & Sciences - PPE (University College Groningen)

    Research interests: Political Philosophy, Behavioural economics, Choice theory

  • Marie-Aimée Salopiata

    Previous education: B.A. Philosophy and Economics (Universität Mannheim), Exchange at Umea Universitet (Northern Sweden)

    Research interests: Political Philosophy, Social Contract Theory, Explanatory Arguments

  • Chiara Stenico

    Previous education: BA in Philosophy, Economic and International Studies (Ca'Foscari University of Venice)

    Research interests: Ethics, Political Philosophy, Public Economics, Public Policy and European Institutions 

  • Quint van de Wijngaard

    Previous education: BSc in Liberal Arts and Science, major in Economics (Erasmus University College) 

    Research interests: Evolution and Economics, Institutional Economics

  • Lior Nissim Grinman

    Previous education: BA Economics and Labour Studies (Tel-Aviv University), pre-MA year History and Philosophy of Sciences and Ideas (Tel-Aviv University).

    Research interests: Policy and Welfare, History of Economic Thought

  • Jakob Schönhuber

    Previous education: BSc in Economics (Vienna University of Economics, WU). 

    Research interests: Ethics, Decision Theory, Methodology of Economics.

  • Pedro Pinilla Plaza

    Previous education: Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy (UNED).

    Research interests: Decision Theory, Methodology of Economics, Animal Rights, Philosophy of Science

  • Pascal Ally

    Previous education: DipHE in Education, English and African Culture; BA in Education and English; MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (University of York, UK)

    Research interests: Philosophy & Economics of Wellbeing, Ethics, Aesthetics, Political Philosophy

  • Tim van Dijke

    Previous education: BA Liberal Arts and Sciences (University College Maastricht); MA Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Leiden University)

    Research interests: Political Philosophy, Universal Basic Income, Philosophy of Money

  • Rodrigo Bustamante

    Previous education: BSc in Economics (University of Buenos Aires)

    Research interests: Causal inference in lab and field experiments, Social norms and cooperation, Complexity, Development

  • Nappinnai Dhamodharan

    Previous education: BA Economics (Stella Maris College, Madras University)

    Research interests: Ethics and economics, Moral psychology, Environmental economics, Distributive justice.

  • Kristian Bakker

    Previous education: BA Philosophy (Leiden University), BSc Economics (University of Amsterdam). 

    Research Interests: Political Philosophy, Political Epistemology, Science and Technology Studies

  • Toine van Mourik

    Previous education: BSc Industrial Engineering (TU Eindhoven), BA Philosophy (KU Leuven).

    Research interests: Ethics and Economics, Freedom and Responsibility, Philosophy and Public Policy, Political Philosophy

  • Erica Yu

    Previous education: BA Economics (Honors program) (Ateneo de Manila University)

    Research interests: Methodology of Economics and Public Policy, Policy Experimentation and Innovation, Political Economy of Inequality

  • Gaia Belardinelli

    Previous education: MSc Logic (University of Amsterdam), BA Philosophy (University of Padua). 

    Research interests: Logic of Action, Game Theory, Social Epistemology, Social Ontology, Gender Studies. 

  • Elisabetta Gobbo

    Previous education: BA in Philosophy, Economics and Interational Studies (Ca' Foscari University, Venice).

    Research interests: Ethics in Economics, Political Philosophy, Public Policy, Distributive Justice, Bioethics. 

  • Aishwarya Suresh Iyer

    Previous education: Integrated Masters in Economics (University of Hyderabad).

    Research interests: Methodology of Economics, Rationality, Philosophy of Science, Environmental Economics, Capital Theory, Institutional Economics. 

  • Hidde Witteveen

    Previous education: BSc Economics and BA Philosophy (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)

    Research Interests: Political economics, (Virtue) ethics, Inequality