Applied History Master

Knowledge and skills regarding science communication for impact

Faculty: ESHCC
Educational theme: Master
Project lead: Lisette Ligtendag
Faculty liaison: Maarten van Dijck
Duration: 2023
Status: Running


We hope that by giving students extra knowledge and skills regarding science communication, they will be able to reach a broader audience and increase their impact outside of an academic environment. The students will implement this knowledge into their final project. For this final project, students can choose to write a thesis of 20.000 words, but they can also choose to write a policy paper, make a short documentary, write an exhibition proposal in collaboration with a museum, or produce a podcast in collaboration with an external partner. To complement the final project, students have to write a concise academic paper of 10.000 words, to substantiate their project.


We will create four online mini courses in which external experts, active in policy, the museum sector and audiovisual production, explain to students how to make a (1) policy paper, (2) documentary, (3) exhibition proposal, (4) podcast, or (5) case study. These mini courses will be recorded, so that they can be used in the future.

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