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How we can help you create impact through education?

At Impact at the Core we are all about creating a positive societal impact through education, we call this impact-driven education. On this page you read the services we offer in order to support you in your journey to create impactful education at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Project & budget support

We assist in the implementation of impact-driven education by providing project and budgetary support.

The implementation of impact-driven education takes time, requires involvement of different stakeholders, and can come with different costs. Therefore, we can assist you by co-writing project plans, providing budget or implementing new applications.

Work with external stakeholders

We build networks around key societal themes and utilize these to enable impact-driven education.

Our knowledge brokers can act as a connecting link between teachers and societal partners. We offer various services, depending on the wishes of the teacher and help to find external partners. We do this by translating the educational goals of the course into the interests of the societal partner. We initiate and guide the first conversations between teacher and societal partner and maintain the relationship with the cooperating societal partners. In doing so, we identify possible current issues in society as input for the course.

Do you want to work with our knowledge brokers? You can contact us by e-mail: impactloket@eur.nl

Co-designing impact-driven Education

We co-design impact-driven education together with the teacher or faculty. We provide short educational consultations for your impact-driven education courses and projects.

Our learning innovators collaborate with faculties to co-create a strategy for developing impact-driven programs or learning tracks. We support teachers in the design or re-design of a course component, a whole course, or a graduation project to make it more impact-driven. Besides that, we design and facilitate access to a range of educational resources including stakeholder contracts, reflection journals, and experiential activities, among others.

Do you want to work with our learning innovators on an impact-driven education project? Contact us at impactatthecore@eur.nl

Join our  community

We foster a community for impact-driven education in which teachers and educational staff come together. Here we share connections, best practices, knowledge, to inspire.

We host events, workshops, and dialogues to learn about and reflect on impact-driven education. Do you want to join the community for impact-driven education? Please do, everyone is welcome! Send an email to impactatthecore@eur.nl and we will be in touch.


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