What is impact-driven education

Impact-driven education is an innovative pedagogical approach that empowers students to confront complex societal urgencies through collaborative engagement with societal stakeholders, with the support and guidance of the teacher. 

By integrating theory with practice and fostering inclusive dialogue among teachers, students and societal partners., it equips students with the skills and values needed to co-create knowledge and interventions to address today’s most pressing societal concerns. Additionally, this approach emphasizes reflexivity, encouraging students to critically reflect on their own (normative) position, biases and values in relation to societal issues, promoting more thoughtful and ethical decision-making. Teachers play a central role in scaffolding this process, providing guidance and mentorship, and facilitating meaningful interactions between students and with stakeholders.

This educational approach aims to cultivate a sense of social responsibility and empathy preparing students to become engaged professionals capable of co-creating knowledge to transform society both within and beyond academia. This is achieved by teachers crafting learning environments that directly engage with authentic societal concerns, facilitating opportunities exploring multiple perspectives and navigating complexity. Through active involvement of societal stakeholders and fostering interdisciplinary cooperation, students are encouraged to collaborate across disciplines, enabling them to develop holistic understandings and innovative approaches to address pressing societal challenges.

Impact-Driven Education at EUR

A Learning Landscape to Design Impact-Driven Education

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