Taking an evidence-based approach to implementing impact-driven education

‘Sometimes one sees in the school simply the instrument for transferring a certain maximum quantity of knowledge to the growing generation. But that is not right. Knowledge is dead; the school, however, serves the living’. (Einstein, 1973, p. 60) 

Education is not just about gaining knowledge; the important thing is not to transmit information as such but to utilise knowledge to develop and nurture human capacities. At Erasmus University Rotterdam, we believe in an approach called Impact-driven Education, which focuses on equipping students with the skills they need to create change in themselves, in society and in their environment. This approach combines hands-on learning experiences and transformative teaching methods to empower students to make a difference.

In our postdoctoral study project, we aim to explore the essence of Impact-driven Education and understand its benefits for students, teachers and societal partners. By gathering insights from students, teachers, and other stakeholders, we hope to pave the way for future educational programs and initiatives. Additionally, we explore how the principles of Impact-driven Education can be integrated into various university courses across disciplines, fostering cooperation, knowledge exchange, accountability, public understanding, ethical considerations, and informed practices.

Research scope Impact at the Core

Research questions

Research approach

Research team 

Prof. Arwin van Buuren – Academic Lead

Joe Binetti PhD – Postdoctoral Researcher

Louise Smink - Jr Researcher

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