Faculty: ESHPM
Educational theme: Creating a more open learning environment on programmatic level
Project lead: Sandra Sülz
Faculty Liaison: Isabelle Fabbricotti and Lucas Goossens
Duration: October 2020 – September 2021
Status: Running


Health care is facing many complex challenges that have no clear solutions yet. There is a lot at stake: global changes, limited access to care, financial pressure, and conflicting interests. Such complexity requires well-trained professionals with multidisciplinary views. The Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management challenges students to become the creative and flexible professionals who meet this demand. Students currently already learn to approach health care challenges from a variety of perspectives, but they lack the opportunity to gain actual experience with the complexity of the matter. Therefore, both master programmes Health Care Management and Health Economics, Policy and Law work on a curriculum that can induce a real impact in the field of health care.


With this project, we explore a more authentic learning environment within the existing curriculum which contributes to societal impact. We redesign existing courses in order to challenge our students to become more active learners who integrate multiple scientific views in their solutions for real-world health care problems. By tackling issues alongside societal stakeholders, they get familiar with the open and complex environment of health care policy and management, and they develop the professional skills needed to deal with challenges in the field. In one of our redesigned courses, we based the theory and learning activities on a real-life problem of a societal stakeholders. Together, students worked on the open challenge and took part in intervision sessions with student coaches in order to reflect upon and strengthen their group process.

During this project, we further integrate impact-driven interventions into both programmes. We do so in collaboration with students, teachers and stakeholders. An important part of our work is the piloting and evaluating of educational interventions; there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Through co-creation with all parties involved, we build a learning experience in which students, teachers and stakeholders work together on future-proof health care.

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