Pilot Erasmus Arts 2030

Faculty: Erasmus MC
Educational theme: Didactical model
Project lead: Margot van Wermeskerken
Faculty Liaison: Andrea Woltman
Duration: April 2021 - ≥ January 2022
Status: Running


Erasmus MC is designing a new medical curriculum and recently defined the renewed vision Erasmusarts2030. Following this vision, Erasmus MC wants to train students to become broad, academically trained medical doctors who are well prepared for new technological developments and who are societally engaged. For that purpose, the new curriculum will develop and incorporate elective tracks in the Bachelor, which will be continued in the Master. In all tracks, students work on general academic and professional competencies and additionally learn to deal with interdisciplinary health issues with a societal impact, within the track of their own choice. The pedagogical model used in Erasmusarts2030 is problem-based project work. The principles of problem-based project work ask for a different role for teachers, supervisors as well as of students, but also ask for a different organization of education.


In this project, we develop and pilot one of the thematic tracks for the new Erasmusarts2030 program in which students work on real-life health(care) problems with a societal impact. We will evaluate this pilot on (1) whether the educational objectives are reached (i.e. learning outcomes but also collaboration skills, critical thinking skills, etcetera), (2) the experiences of students and teachers in the project period, (3) the need for educational support in these project periods, and (4) education quality. This evaluation will ensure that the experiences and findings of this pilot can be incorporated in the final design of the Erasmusarts2030 curriculum.

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