Faculty: Riipen Implementation
Project lead: Daniel van Vliet
Duration: Launching Q1 2023
Status: Preparations for implementation


Right now, there is no central option to effectively communicate with stakeholders and society from within the learning environment (Canvas). This means that all collaboration and communication within education with stakeholders takes place outside of the learning environment (Canvas) and EUR, leading to extra risks on the perspective of privacy and monitoring. Next to extra risks regarding privacy and monitoring, it can be a very difficult and time-consuming process to integrate real-life problems from stakeholders and society into the learning environment. Subsequently, there is currently no open central marketplace in which outside questions can be matched with courses at EUR. Therefore, teachers must heavily rely on their own connections and networks.

Riipen is an experiential learning/Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) platform that can be integrated within Canvas and makes it possible to bring wicked problems from outside stakeholders into the curriculum, driving our impact-driven education (strategic) goals as a university. This also eases the workload of teachers for implementing impact-driven education in their courses and programs.

Therefore, Riipen is the ideal tool to enable Impact at the Core to support impact-driven education effectively at faculties. Erasmus University Rotterdam is the first university in mainland Europe using Riipen.


At the time of writing (September 2022), two pilots have been conducted together with RSM to test the capabilities of Riipen within the I DO course and with ESL. Through implementing Riipen for this purpose, a lot of technical configurations have already been set up, so that the rolling out of Riipen to the rest of the university will be a lot smoother.

In the first quarter of 2023, Riipen will receive a big update which will allow us to build our own school portal and create a ‘marketplace’ for the different projects. By this time, all faculties should be able to use Riipen to facilitate communication between students/teachers and outside stakeholders as well as being able to use Riipen as a marketplace. To achieve this, an internal support structure will be set up to facilitate this.

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