From Science to Society

Faculty: Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam
Project lead: Silvan Licher (SL), MD, PhD & Natalie Terzikhan, PhD
Duration: The minor runs for 10 weeks
Status: Running


The notion of who qualifies as a "successful" scientist is evolving. In addition to publishing in prestigious publications and instructing their peers, scientists are now also expected to have a "societal impact." All (research) disciplines must meet these requirements, but what does "societal impact" actually entail? Why is it crucial to my career, and why?

This minor addresses three crucial topics that will help future professionals comprehend how to affect society: 1) science communication, 2) open science & 3) engagement of the public. For years, it has been believed that scientific careers depend on publications in famous magazines like Nature and Science. To measure effectiveness as a scientist, however, the importance of "societal impact" is growing. Through this minor, students will learn the problems that hamper or challenge the translation and implementation of scientific findings to society.


Erasmus MC is designing a new medical curriculum and recently defined a renewed vision, 'Erasmusarts2030': Erasmus MC wants to train students to become broad, academically trained medical doctors who are well prepared for new technological developments and who are societally engaged. Within this vision, this project supported by Impact at the Core allows involved students to learn new skills (e.g., how to critically analyse a real-life societal problem related to healthcare, how to manage a project, how to collaborate with peers, etc.) and how to gain (societal) impact.

‘From Science to Society’ is based upon the principles of project-based project learning: under a mentor's supervision, the students will work on a problem over the weeks. Competence-focused education on effective collaboration, leadership and communication will be provided to guide student groups.

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