Technology and Innovation

Faculty: ESHPM
Educational theme: Guidance and Assessment
Project lead: Marleen de Mul
Faculty Liaison: Jane Murray Cramm
Duration: April 2021 – June 2021
Status: Running

Mission and implementation

Within the Technology and Innovation block, students work in project groups on the development of a technological innovation based on a challenge from a stakeholder, often a hospital. Students are challenged to take control of the process by working in groups on a project basis, they learn how different disciplines come together in the development and implementation of an innovation and they learn to work together with each other and with a stakeholder. These learning processes come together in, amongst other things, an integration assignment. To gain insight into the many critical learning experiences that students gain during this block, guidance and assessment are an important part of the education. Our goal is to design the most appropriate form of guidance and assessment that does justice to and provides insight into the critical learning experiences of students. To this end, we look at the different learning moments in the process and the role of the stakeholder and lecturer in this.

We are also working towards a form of assessment in which the stakeholder is actively involved, which is relevant in its form and of which the content matches the reality of the stakeholder. In this way, we make the relationship with our stakeholders more sustainable and we avoid an unnecessarily high assessment burden for lecturers. In this project, Technology and Innovation is the environment in which we work on guidance and assessment, but the experiences we gain as Impact at the Core are relevant to all projects.

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