David Aragon

Although it is only one year, make sure you choose a master that you really like.

Master Corporate Communication, University of Amsterdam (UvA), NL

Class of 2013 (Graduated in 2016)

What was important in making up your mind?
After three years of IBCoM, I was still really interested in communication sciences, so it was important for me to find a master that also focused on this field.

What made you decide to choose for this master?
In my second year, I was enrolled in the course Corporate Communication. I really liked to learn more about how organizations communicate internally and externally and what effects this may have on organizational activities and outcomes. I found three communication masters at the University of Amsterdam, of which one fully focused on corporate communication. I was sold and immediately registered.

How would you describe the connection between IBCoM and your master?
As mentioned, both IBCoM and my master have communication as their main focus. Also, because organizations oftentimes have to communicate through the media, the media part also comes back. For instance, my course Strategic Communication of Organizations highlights the role that media can play, but also how ethics (IBCoM: Communication Ethics), society (IBCoM: Communication as a Social Force), and digital media (IBCoM: New Media and International Business) can influence the way in which organizations communicate externally.

How would you describe your master?
Tough, but fun and interesting. The workload is definitely a lot more than in your bachelor. A normal week includes four two-hour tutorials, so I have to be in Amsterdam from Monday till Thursday, which is not that much. This is pretty similar to the tutorial groups I had at EUR. However, you have to read a lot more and if you miss out two weeks, you can basically not catch up anymore.

In hindsight, what would you have liked to know before, what you know now?
Maybe more information on master possibilities. I have figured this master out myself, but now that I’m studying it, I thought it would be nice to have some sort of overview of which masters connect to the IBCoM course.

Anything you would like to add?
Although it is only one year, make sure you choose a master that you really like. Now, it is your chance to specialize in a specific field, so use that time wisely!

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