Genomics in Society

Three students share their thoughts about the new programme.


"I chose the Research Master Genomics in Society (GiS) for many reasons. Firstly, I chose GiS to harness my research skills. Given how important research is, I felt that I had not learned enough about research in my previous studies, medicine and philosophy. Secondly, I chose GiS to learn more about doing societal projects with stakeholders. In my previous studies I often found myself in bubbles: For medicine it was the hospital and for philosophy it was my mind. Consequently, I felt ignorant about society. I had heard stories about people creating (societal) impact, and I wanted to learn more about impact. Once I entered GiS, I started to learn how research can create impact rather than ending up forgotten in a dusty drawer.

So far, my experience has been great! Yes, it has been hard work, I will not gloss over that, but it is so worth it. In my previous studies I often felt like a sponge, someone who merely learns and absorbs knowledge. However, in GiS I really feel like a student, someone who is urged and challenged to think and work with people on (genomic) issues.

What makes GiS a unique programme is that it approaches a topic like genomics from different perspectives and it teaches about making impact with research. Also, what makes GiS unique is that focuses on how people from different backgrounds can collaborate together. My classmates are for instance from different backgrounds, and it is really amazing to experience the synergy in group projects and class discussions.

I know that I still have a path full of adventure ahead of me in GiS and I cannot wait to see what will happen next…"



"This master brings together two of my fields of education, both life- and social sciences. I want to learn how to become a researcher that is more connected to society - more aware of the discussions, hopes and fears - to really be able to make a more positive impact. I feel this master will help me achieve my goal with the support and guidance of the knowledgeable and dedicated teaching team."  



"The field of genomics is advancing at an extremely rapid pace. This program will equip me with the scientific and social tools that enable me to make sense of these advances, and to bring the products and findings of genomic research to those people who need it most and where they have the most impact."


Additionally, a word on the teaching staff:

"The core teachers in this program are buzzing with enthusiasm, are genuinely interested in the person behind the student, and are willing and able to open doors to help further your career in this field. They also have deep expertise in their respective fields and use innovative teaching methods to convey their messages. The combination of enthusiasm, genuine interest, deep expertise, and innovative teaching methods is a combination that you won't find anywhere else!"

And a word on why this program is so valuable:

"The world of science is giving us near god-like tools that rapidly advance our ability to understand human health and disease, and to intervene to preserve health. The implementation of these tools is however not as straight forward as it might seem. Society-wide dialogue and conversation is necessary to find the wisdom that we need to implement these tools wisely. This program will arm you with the scientific, social, and mental tools that you need to try to find the wisdom society needs to wisely implement the near god-like tools that science is providing us with. Science can tell us what is possible and pave a path to how to do it, but only society can tell us if we should do it."

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