• Clinical Research

    Research Master in Clinical Research: Learn how to produce the best diagnoses and provide the best treatment: Become a clinician and researcher.
  • Genomics in Society

    The field of genomics is an arena of technological advances that are in need of alignment with the needs and values of society
  • Health Sciences

    The research master in Health Sciences offers a wide range of specializations and guidance from some of the greatest minds in these fields, you will be well on…
  • Health Sciences

    Post-master in Health Sciences: Explore the potential of medical research, Important discoveries will be made in the future: Discover more.
  • Infection and Immunity

    Research Master in Infection and Immunity: Get the latest and most in-depth knowledge of the workings of infectious disease and immuno-deficiencies.
  • Medical Business and Innovation

    From 2022, you can enrol in this one-year master programme as an important step towards your career in medical business and innovation.
  • Molecular Medicine

    Research Master in Molecular Medicine: Bring yourself to the forefront of developments in biomedical science: Read more about this programme.
  • Nanobiology

    Master in Nanobiology: The successful application of Nanobiology will require true disciplinary integration of physics and biology: Discover this study.
  • Neuroscience

    Research Master in Neuroscience: Synaptic transmission, neuronal firing: neuroscience is growing: Do basic or clinical research. Learn more.

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