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Career opportunities for Master Media & Business

Media and Business graduates enjoy excellent career prospects in a wide range of positions in the media sector and other industries. You will be up for jobs such as media analyst, communications adviser, marketer, media planner, product/brand manager, and policy maker. This programme also provides a solid base if you aim to start your own business, carry out applied media and communications research, or pursue a career in media production.

The writing component of Media and Business definitely prepared me for working in corporate communications. I need to be a chameleon, and write in different styles for different audiences.
Disi Ye
External relations adviser Shell
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Academic career

If you want to proceed with advanced, research-oriented education in the field of media studies you can apply for our Research Master’s in the Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts. This programme is specifically designed to prepare you to carry out research leading to a doctorate degree.

If you have demonstrated academic excellence and motivation during your Media Studies programme and your English meets the standard, you will be allowed to complete an abridged research Master’s programme of approximately one year.

Media Studies Alumni

Possible careers after studying media

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Our alumni

The Masters in Media Studies at Erasmus University counts more than 1000 graduates who received their Master's degree after completing one of the following programs: Media & Business, Media, Culture & Society, Media & Cultuur (until 2017-2018) or Media & Journalistiek.

On our alumni website you can read the alumni experiences from graduates of our four master programmes and you will discover how the international, hands-on approach of the Master Media Studies is reflected in the wide variety of work fields and countries in which our graduates are employed.