Beyond Your Degree: Students Meet Alumni

Friday 1 Jul 2022, 14:30 - 18:00
J6 and J7
Bayle Building
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Michelle Muus

The degrees Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM) offers are multidisciplinary: after your studies there are many directions you can go in. Do you know which industries you could work in and which jobs might be available for you? Or are you already aware of the possibilities out there, but find it hard to make up your mind? 

Especially for ESHPM students we are organising an afternoon where we've invited alumni from our School from a variety of different fields to tell their stories. The alumni are working at, among others, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Erasmus MC, Pfizer, SeederDeBoer (consultancy) and DSW (health insurance company). Career Services will also be present to give you advice on how to make a decision (regarding your future): how do you choose something that suits you? Would you like to be inspired? Sign up now!  

What: presentations by ESHPM alumni, the possibility to get to know alumni, followed by an informal drinks reception 
Who: both bachelor and master students (NL/EN) 
Where: J6 and J7, Bayle Building  
When: Friday 1 July 2022, 14.30 until 18.00  

The afternoon will consist of different rounds for which you'll be able to sign up shortly. We will end the afternoon with some drinks and snacks (17.00 - 18.00), during which you can continue the conversation with the alumni present.  

Please note: most alumni sessions will be given in Dutch. In the registration form you can see which sessions are in Dutch (NL) or English (EN). 

  Room 1Room 2Room 3J7 open space
 14:30 - 15:00   Start event
115:00 - 15:30Career Services: Keuzes maken voor je toekomst (NL)
Mervyn Nankoe
Pharmaceutical Industry / Consultancy (EN)
Christiaan Veraart, Emma Kuppens

Hospitals / Erasmus MC (NL)
Ankie Kuiper, Lisanne Schippers

Coffee and tea
215:45 - 16:15Career Services: Hoe maak je een keuze (NL)
Mervyn Nankoe
PhD / Insurance Industry (EN)
Milanne Galekop, Jehtro Nooitmeer
Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (NL)
Hermien Post, Kayleigh van Winssen
Coffee and tea
316:30 - 17:00Career Services: How to make career choices (EN)
Mervyn Nankoe
Consultancy (NL)
Emma Kuppens, Lieke Breen
Pharmaceutical Industry (NL)
Laura Burgers, Christiaan Veraart
Coffee and tea
 17:00 - 18:00   Informal drinks reception

Pharmaceutical Industry 

  • Christiaan Veraart did his master HEPL at ESHPM and graduated in 2006. He has worked at different pharmaceutical companies over de years: at Eli Lilly Nederland, Roche the Netherlands, Merck and now he works at UCB as Market Access Lead The Netherlands.
  • Laura Burgers did her bachelor’s degree at ESHPM and her master in Health Economics at ESE (cooperation with ESHPM). She graduated in 2009. She continued with a PhD in Health Economics at ESHPM and finished in 2015. She is now working at Pfizer as Director of Health & Value.


  • Lieke Breen followed both her bachelor's degree and master's degree (HEPL) at ESHPM and graduated from HEPL in 2018. After graduating she worked at Hieroo and currently she is working as a Consultant at SeederDeBoer.

  • Emma Kuppens completed her bachelor's degree and master's degree (HEPL) at ESHPM and graduated in 2020. She has worked as a Junior Consultant at Stichting Medical Business and is currently working as a Young Consultant at Hieroo.

Hospitals/Erasmus MC

  • Ankie Kuiper studied at ESHPM for both her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree (HCM) and graduated in 2018. She has worked at Erasmus MC as an IT Project Leader and now works as a Project Leader at Traumacentrum Zuidwest-Nederland.

  • Lisanne Schippers completed both her bachelor’s and master’s degree (HEPL) at ESHPM and graduated in 2022. She is now working as a Junior Business Controller at the Erasmus MC.


  • Milanne Galekop completed her master’s degree (HEPL) at ESHPM in 2018. Before this she had also followed her bachelor’s degree with ESHPM. Upon graduation from her master’s degree, she started her PhD at ESHPM. Her PhD centers around the PREVENTOMICS project. The aim of this project is to prevent diet-related diseases through omics science.

Insurance Industry

  • Jethro Nooitmeer did his bachelor at ESHPM and did a Research Master in Health Sciences at the Erasmus MC Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (NIHES). He graduated in 2020. He has been working as a Data Analyst Medically Specialised Healthcare at DSW Zorgverzekeraar.

Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS)

  • Hermien Post first worked as a physical therapist before she commenced with her studies at ESHPM. She graduated from ESHPM in 1997. She worked at the Ministry of Finances, and she has held different positions within the ministry of VWS. Currently she is working as the Programme Director COVID-19 and as a member of the Management Team Test & Trace.
  • Kayleigh van Winssen both did her bachelor and her master HEPL at ESHPM and graduated HEPL in 2011. Afterwards she did her PhD at ESHPM. After finishing her PhD in 2016, she worked as a consultant at Careeffect and is now working as a senior policy officer at the Ministry of VWS.

Career Services: How to make career choices
How do you make choices? Life is full of choices, smaller and bigger ones. Making choices for your future is definitely one of the bigger ones and can be a challenge. Mervyn Nankoe from Career Services will bring us along in the process of making decisions and will share some practical tips on how to make a good choice.

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