'Developing and implementing alternative payment models: doing, learning, and evaluating'

After two years of research, researchers from Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management, Daniëlle Cattel, Frank Eijkenaar, and Celine Hendriks, release the BUNDLE final report 'Developing and implementing alternative payment models: doing, learning, and evaluating.' The report was conducted as part of the ZonMw program 'Outcome-Based Organizing and Payment,' which falls within the broader program 'Outcome-Based Health Care 2018-2022’ of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The researchers collaborated with colleagues from the Health Campus The Hague, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, and the Dutch Healthcare Authority.

The aim of the research was to gain a deep understanding of the complex process of developing and implementing alternative payment models for healthcare providers. The central research question was: 'what works (and what doesn't), under which circumstances, and why?' Hereto, seven Dutch initiatives with alternative payment were evaluated.

The research resulted in fourteen themes providing insight into how and why various contextual factors complicate or facilitate the development and implementation of alternative payment models. Parties exploring or already involved in alternative payment can consider these themes to enhance the likelihood of successful development and implementation and facilitate the necessary healthcare transformation.

In the upcoming period, the researchers will expand upon the groundwork established in the report:

  • Various PhD candidates, including Celine Hendriks and Tadjo Gigengack, will translate the findings into scientific articles.
  • The report will be transformed into practical products for healthcare providers, health insurers, and policymakers.
  • A PhD candidate will be recruited on the theme 'Complexity of alternative payments for healthcare providers’ with the aim of expanding knowledge in this area.

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For more information, contact Daniëlle Cattel at cattel@eshpm.eur.nl

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