Students inspired by alumni

Alexander Santos Lima

On Wednesday 18 April, the second edition of the annual Beyond Your Degree: Students Meet Alumni was held. The event was designed to offer current students, of all study years, inspiration as to what their options are beyond their degree at ESHPM.

To help inspire them, 12 alumni from different degrees and working in different fields came back to campus to give presentations about their career paths and current jobs. Among the alumni were Pauline Gabriëls (graduated from HCM in 2018), Daan van Hoof (Bachelor & Eu-HEM, 2021), Yixuan Shang (HCM, 2021), Amarens Geuzinge (HEPL, 2017), Eva Brouwers (Bachelor & ZoMa, 2022), Louise Versteeg (Bachelor & HCM, 2020), Tessa Govers (Bachelor & HEPL, 2019), Arjan Holthaus (ZoMa, 2019), Jehtro Nooitmeer (Bachelor, 2020), Charlotte Veldhuis (HEPL, 2022), Marjolein Simonis (HEPL, 2020), and Marco Kleijburg (ZoMa 2020).  

With all these alumni, we managed to offer a well-rounded look at a number the different sectors in the healthcare industry that are available to ESHPM graduates. The alumni represented not only hospitals, governmental institutions, and extended care facilities, but also consultancy, pharmacy, academics, and the insurance industry. 

Also present this afternoon was Mervyn Nankoe from Career Services to advice students on how to make choices for their future – be it in choice of a master’s degree or which career step to take. 

After the presentations an informal drinks reception followed, providing students the opportunity to ask the alumni more in-depth questions on a one-to-one basis. 

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