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Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM) recently launched the ESHPM faculty fund. This is a fund managed by the Erasmus Trust Fund aimed at supporting the growth and prosperity of the faculty through donations. Although the fund is still modest in size, the aim is to extend it to provide support to research, projects, and students of ESHPM.

The Erasmus Trust Fund was founded in 1913 and is the support fund of Erasmus University Rotterdam. The fund actively contributes to the university’s role in society by creating an independent source of additional income through donations. ESHPM and its alumni in the field obviously play an important role in tackling the challenges of our time. By way of emphasising that, a special faculty fund has been set up.

ESHPM research projects

Several projects at ESHPM have previously been facilitated with support from the Erasmus Trust Fund. Take the Happy Moms and Babies project initiated by Dr Igna Bonfrer and Dr Judith Bom (both from the Health Economics department). In this project, pregnant women in India use an app to access essential health information to prevent maternal and infant mortality. The initial results show that the app users have considerably more knowledge about a better lifestyle. This research will therefore be extended to study whether there is a later causal relationship between using the app and the health of mothers and their children.

Dr Iris Wallenburg (Health Care Governance) and colleagues from Erasmus School of Social Behaviour (ESSB) are involved in the project Platformwerkers in de gezondheidszorg (Platform workers in healthcare). The aim of the platforms is to reorganise the work of freelance nurses in hospitals and care institutions using artificial intelligence (AI). How does using this technology affect the daily organisation of care, the working methods and the quality of the care? What are the consequences of nurses’ self-organisation for their own employability and social security? Research into these platforms will answer these questions.

Dr Pieter Bakx (Health Economics) is implementing the long-term ESHPM research project Leven met dementie (Living with dementia). Bakx and his team want to collect and distribute new knowledge about living with dementia. What are the important tipping points? What determines the choices made by dementia patients and their families? And how do those choices affect their welfare and health? To obtain more insight, the researchers use big data and survey data. There is special attention for people with young-onset dementia. The researchers examine how this affects their income (uncertainty) and whether enough public safety nets exist for this group. The team also investigates how care professionals and policy makers can play a role in this.

More information?

The Erasmus Trust Fund is a ‘Public Benefit Institution’ or ANBI. Your gift or legacy is therefore not subject to gift tax or inheritance tax. Would you like more information about how you can contribute to the growth and prosperity of the university or, more specifically, the ESHPM faculty fund? Contact Gwen van Loon, Senior Relation Manager Major Donors and Legacies of the Erasmus Trust Fund. She can be reached at or via +31 (0)6-12892095.

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