Oxford University

The University of Oxford has a long-standing interest in the health and health care of persons in developing countries.  Within the Medical Sciences Division, the Department of Public Health has a team of health economists specializing in economic analyses of health interventions and health care systems. It runs the Master of Science Program in Global Health Science that aims to train leaders in health and development in developing countries.


Winnie Yip (Winnie.Yip@dphpc.ox.ac.uk)
Winnie Yip is Senior Health Economist in the Department, where she leads a program in health system research in China and the larger Asia region. She has been Associate Professor of International Health Economics at the School of Public Health, Harvard University. She holds a PhD in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her major research interests are: 1) health systems structure and evaluation; 2) incentives and provider behavior; and 3) social, economic and cultural determinants of health and well-being. Dr. Yip has studied health care systems in Asia extensively, especially China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  She has led a number of projects that adopted rigorous methodologies to evaluate the impact of innovative health system interventions on improving equity in access to care, financial risk protection, equity in financing and benefits, health status, quality, efficiency, health expenditure inflation and public satisfaction. She is the co-editor of “Why National Health Insurance? A Primer for Health Policy,” to be published in April 2008. Her research has been funded by various international and research organizations, including the National Science Foundation.

Selected publications:

Yip, W. and K. Eggleston. Provider Response to Prospective Hospital Payment in Hainan Province in the People’s Republic of China. Health Economics, 2001; 10:325-339.

Wang, H., W. Yip, et al. Community-Based Health Insurance in Poor Rural China: the Distribution of Net Benefits. Health Policy and Planning, 2005; 20: 365-374.

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