World Bank Development Research Group

The World Bank Development Research Group undertakes research across the broad spectrum of development issues, including health, social protection and poverty. The bank itself works across the developing world, providing financial assistance to client countries in the form of loans and grants, as well as technical assistance and analytic and advisory work to client governments. The work of the research group feeds into the activities of the rest of the bank, helping to shape thinking on priorities and policy reform options, generally and within specific sectors. The bank’s work in general helps identify issues and challenges for the research group to work on, and provides it with unrivalled access to information, data and policymaking at the global and country levels.

The World Bank is not an official funded partner within the HEFPA programme.


Adam Wagstaff (
Adam Wagstaff is a lead economist in the Development Research Group at the World Bank. He has a DPhil in economics from the University of York, and before joining the World Bank was a Professor of Economics at the University of Sussex. He has been an Associate Editor of the Journal of Health Economics since 1989, and has published extensively on a variety of aspects of health economics, including: equity in health outcomes, health financing and delivery; health insurance; the valuation of health; the demand for and production of health; efficiency measurement; and illicit drugs and drug enforcement. Much of his recent work has focused on evaluating the impacts of health system reforms and development assistance projects. Outside health economics, he has published on efficiency measurement in the public sector, the measurement of trade union power, the redistributive effect and sources of progressivity of the personal income tax, and the redistributive effect of economic growth.

Selected publications

Eggleston K, Ling Li, Meng Q, Lindelöw M, Wagstaff A. Health service delivery in China: a literature review. Health Economics; in press.

O'Donnell O, van Doorslaer E, Wagstaff A, Lindelow M. Analyzing Health Equity Using Household Survey Data: A Guide to Techniques and Their Implementation. Washington DC: World Bank, 2007.

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Wagstaff A, Yu S. Do health sector reforms have their intended impacts?: The World Bank's Health VIII project in Gansu province, China. Journal of Health Economics 2007;26(3):535.

Wagstaff A. Health insurance for the poor: initial impacts of Vietnam's health care fund for the poor. Washington DC: The World Bank, 2007: Policy Research Working Paper 4134.

Wagstaff A, Lindelow M, Jun G, Ling X, Juncheng Q. Extending health insurance to the rural population: an impact evaluation of China's new cooperative medical scheme. Washington DC: The World Bank, 2007: Policy Research Working Paper 4150.