The research is organized around two strands and nine work packages. The strands and distinguished by the focus and nature of the research. Strand 1 is concerned with comparative, cross-country research. It contains two work packages on access and financial risk protection respectively. Strand 2 addresses evaluative, country-specific research of health financing reforms or innovations. It contains six work packages, one for each partner Asian country. Analysis of access and health financing in Lao is being conducted by the World Bank in conjunction with the project but not as an official, funded partner.

Work packages above Strands:

  • Work package 9: Coordination & dissemination

Work packages Strand 1: Explanatory and comparative research:

  • Work package 1: Acces to health care and inequalities in utilisation
  • Work package 2: Coping with the financial risks associated with illness 

Work packages Strand 2: Evaluative country-specific research:

  • Work package 3: Cambodia- health equity funds
  • Work package 4: China- rural health insurance
  • Work package 5: Indonesia- social health insurance
  • Work package 6: Philippines- social health insurance
  • Work package 7: Thailand- tax-financed universal coverage
  • Work package 8: Vietnam- social health insurance